Shelf Pole Hooks New Innovation for metal shelving organization!

Expand storage possibilities to a whole new level. Shelf full? Think outside the pole!

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Shelve Pole Hooks Storage Solution

These products have multiple uses and addressable markets.

Shelf Pole Hooks are a great add on and accessory sales with any wire shelf purchase.

New item to promote to current  customer who already have wire shelving in place

Increased profit margin and add on sale opportunity.

 There are millions of these shelves in consumers garages, basements and kitchens in the United States.

Shelf Pole Hooks

Sunway Shelf Pole Hooks are a revolutionary new accessory made for metal shelving that expands storage possibilities to a whole new level. Shelf full? Think outside the pole!





Side Shelf 7-Hook

Black and Chrome  Uses: extension cords, air hoses, tools, toys, ropes, back packs and duffel bags. Rolls of bubble wrap by extending the hook out by 14 inches.

Installation Steps

See Your Dreams Come TO Life

Learn how we can make your dreams come to life with our Sunway Platform. Just like how we helped the inventors of Monkey Clamp we can help you. 

Food Storage Kitchen Pantry

B-to-B Markets – Wire metal shelf units are quite common in most every business.

 Restaurants, Bars, Offices, Hospitals, Schools, and many more

Holding items such as tape guns, utility knives rolls of bubble wrap, brooms, and much more.

The 4 inch All Purpose Hook would be in great demand for smaller retailers who use these shelves to display and hold their products. These hooks could hold dozens of peg hook products. Shelf Pole Hooks could be made with 6 and 8 inch pegs which are common lengths for retail stores.