About Us

Sunway Tools Inc. is a true OEM Manufacture, innovation partner, and sales company that owns its own factories.

Areas of Expertise:

Cut & Sew, Metal & Metal Fab, Precision and standard Injection mold Electronics, LED (retail to commercial), Flashlights, Work and utility lights, Tools(all types) WE also do all our own tooling.

Our company prides itself in a long standing culture of quality and development of unique innovative products. Sunway has a full array of services for inventors, retailers, distributors, and design owners.

OEM and ODM Manufacturing
I/P owned branded projects
Full Line of Sunway Branded Products
Trademarked items
Private Label programs
Patented items
Two Engineers Using CAD Programming Software On Laptop

How we succeed

The Sunway team is a well-rounded group of professionals with the expertise, history of success, and proven track record in product development, manufacturing, sales, and distribution in North America- worldwide.

We help you design/develop
your innovative products Globally.

The Sunway platform is a partnership for designers, inventors and I/P owners to free themselves from the burden of “going it alone” . Sunway Tools is a one stop shop that can lift up a project from any point in the development cycle to achieve success
Larry Hibbard - VP Lighting & Accesories
Amy - Customer Support